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What is ZUGFeRD or XRechnung?

ZUGFeRD (Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronischer Rechnung Deutschland / Central User Guide of the Forum of Electronic Invoice Germany) is a format for electronic invoice exchange between companies as well as public authorities. The format was initiated by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs & Energy and is now already used in many companies and administrations throughout Europe.

Both the data structure of the current ZUGFeRD format and the XRechnung are based on EU standard EN 16931 and can therefore both be used. The big difference: ZUGFeRD consists of a PDF with an XML attachment, whereas XRechnung has only the XML data.

Structure and use of the online help

The online help is aimed at end users and PowerUsers of the ZUGFeRD interface. Navigate via the menu on the left to the individual modules and help or click on the following links to get more information.

Structure of this manual

This manual describes the functionalities of the add-on ZUGFeRD Interface. The screenshots and menu paths shown in this help V3 refer to the Navision version BC16 and apply to other Navision versions in a slightly different form.

The add-on functionalities are located in the role center "Accountant" in the group "ZUGFeRD" of the navigation area.

The manual contains the description of the individual fields, as well as a process description when using the interface. For more detailed information on the fields, read the tooltips for the respective fields.

When reviewing the manual, please note that certain modules can also be purchased individually and thus explanations, menu items and illustrations of cross-module functionalities are not necessarily available to every user.

Explanation of the symbols used in this help file


This block is used to provide information that must be observed in order to avoid errors during use.


With this block passages are marked, which should help the user to use the functionality correctly in practice.

Components of the ZUGFeRD interface

From version 3.X the ZUGFeRD interface consists technically of two essential components:

  • Navision application
  • RESTful web service of the company bartolome röder AG

Supported profiles and versions

From version 3.X the ZUGFeRD interface supports data exchange based on the versions:

  • Standard ZUGFeRD in version 1.0
  • Standard ZUGFeRD in version 2.1
  • Standard XRechnung in version 2.0

The following profiles are supported:

    The BASIC profile is a subset of EN 16931-1 and can be used for simple VAT-compliant invoices.
  • ZUGFeRD COMFORT (EN 16931)
    The EN16931 (COMFORT) profile fully maps EN 16931-1 and focuses on core elements of an electronic invoice.
    The EXTENDED profile is an extension of EN 16931-1 to support more complex business processes (invoices in which multiple deliveries / delivery locations are invoiced, structured payment terms, additional item-level information to support inventory management, etc.).
    The reference profile is based on CIUS XRechnung, which is maintained by KoSIT. It represents an extension of EN 16931-1 with its own business rules, the national German laws and regulations. It is therefore more specific than the EN 16931 (COMFORT) profile.


Coordinate with your business partner with which profile and in which standard version the data exchange should take place!


The ZUGFeRD interface can be licensed under the module ID 5518500. If you are a Navision partner and want to license the module, please contact us under e-mail:

Do you have questions about the add-on ZUGFeRD Interface or XRechnung?

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