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Open order lines

In this overview you will find all your new orders.

The following criteria are important for order processing:

  • Order number
  • EAN
  • Ordered quantity
  • Customer name
  • Accept or reject the order
  • Confirm goods
  • Completed

Accept and edit orders

If you are want to accept the order, set a tick in the respective line in the column "Accepted" and insert an "Estimated Pickup/Delivery date". In the case of goods issue (i.e. when dispatched or picked up) you have to check the box in the left column "Selection" of the corresponding line, enter the quantity in the column "Qty. outgoing" and confirm the goods issue via the print icon in the upper right corner. You will then receive the shipping documents. Reprinting the shipping documents is possible at any time.


Your changes must always be saved using the diskette in the upper right corner.

Reject orders

If the goods cannot be shipped, then set a tick in the column "Rejected" and enter a reason in the column "Reason for rejection".


You can also search directly for certain criteria using the text fields below the column headings. You can enter criteria like order number or the name of the customer.