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Open return lines

In this overview you will find all returns requested/registered by the customer. These returns usually arrive at your premises. In the column "Goods receipt" you have to define a goods receipt date by clicking in the field. Then you must approve or reject the requested return in the column "RMA approved" or "Rejected". In the case of a rejection, please select the reason why the return is rejected in the column "Reason for rejection".


You can also open the requested return via the writing symbol and then edit it there.


Your selection must always be saved via the diskette, otherwise the released/rejected return cannot be recorded.

If the edited return was saved in the system, it should no longer appear in the tab "Open return lines". The processed return now appears in "Posted credit note lines".


You can also search for orders/returns directly via the text fields below the column headings. You can enter criteria like order number or the name of the customer.