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DATEV Export

Export to DATEV

General procedure: Export of accounting records is done in two steps: - Create transfer proposal - Export data to DATEV Using the “Create Transfer suggestion” function, the accounting records are selected based on the criteria entered and then displayed. The determined booking records are already converted into the "DATEV-Format" and can be checked here. Subsequently, the accounting records are transferred to a DATEV-compliant file using the “Export to DATEV” function.


The fields in detail:

Fields Description
Record Type The record type defines which data is exported to DATEV. Transaction data or postings or person accounts can be selected.
Date filter The date filter is used to select records for a selected period.
Export Posting Type In Export Posting Type you can specify which items should be exported.
export new Cust/Vend with Furthermore, there is the setting export new Cust/Vend with'. Here you can define whether new Customers/Vendors are to be exported to DATEV with the statute postings. In addition, you can re-export already exported G/L items of a period under 'Include already exported entries'.
Include already exported entries If this indicator is selected, all items in the selection period will be considered.


The date must be separated by two dots e.g.:

Export table

In the present table there are all the available data. The data can be edited and when ready, then exported to DATEV.