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My active stores

How can I change an existing branch?

Click on "My branches", the list of active branches is displayed. Click on the corresponding branch under "My branches" and change the necessary information. Save your changes.

Why are some fields not active?

Fields with a grey background cannot be edited by you. These fields are controlled by the LChoice system and cannot be changed. They serve here for your information.

The fields in Detail:

  • Branch name: This is how your branch appears in the app or on the Internet at LChoice.
  • Name suffix: This name will appear as a suffix on the invoices we send you (official suffix of the company name, e.g. GmbH).
  • Abw. E-Mail (Tx.-Kom.): It is possible to enter a different e-mail address for the transactions (customer orders). If this address is filled in, we will send the transactions (customer orders) to this address.
  • Deviating e-mail (invoice dispatch): Here it is possible to enter a deviating e-mail address as recipient for the monthly statements from LChoice to the branch office. If this address is filled, we will send the invoices to this address.
  • Payment service: if you check this box, we will take over the payment service for you. This costs an extra fee (according to partner agreement).


In case of a direct debit we collect the amount from the customer and forward it to you. In case of prepayment we wait until the customer has transferred the money and then forward the order to you.

  • SMS Service: You will receive an SMS to a mobile phone number every time we receive an order. This costs an extra fee (according to partner agreement).
  • IBAN and BIC: We need your bank details for our billing at the end of the month (or for the payment service)
  • Files: In case of a purchase by the customer, your terms and conditions, your revocation instruction and your logo will be displayed. Please upload your AGB's and revocation instruction as .pdf file (e.g. from your webshop). The logo should have a size of 100px height and 400px width and be an image file (.jpg, .png...).


You can scan the partner agreement between you and LChoice and upload it here. Alternatively, you can also mail, fax or send us the partner profile. Without partner profile we can not activate your account.

  • Section additional information: You can provide us with this information if you need it e.g. on invoices (tax number, VAT ID ...). Weitere Fragen?


Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, falls weitere Fragen auftreten sollten, wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter.

Hotline: +49 89 211 11 847

What is a marketing center?

A marketing center is only used if you have maintained several stores (partner accounts). If you want to generate your recommendation lists centrally for all branches, we can assign your branches to a marketing center. This means that when your customer scans QR codes, the closest of your stores is automatically suggested to him. Each store can also generate its own recommendation lists, which are only valid for this store. Please contact us.

What is a regulator?

A payer is only used if you have maintained several branches (partner accounts). If the LChoice settlements in your company group are settled centrally and not by each branch individually, then we speak of a payer. The billing address can be the payer, but does not have to be. If a settlement is created for a central payer, the settlement always includes the branch for which the document was created. Please contact us.