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Open order lines

In this overview you will find all new orders that have recently been assigned to you. As a rule, you will only receive orders for items for which you have also reported stock to us.

The following criteria are important for order processing:

  • External document number (= order number)
  • EAN and Gabor article number with size
  • Ordered quantity
  • Customer name
  • Accept or reject the order
  • Print the shipping documents and the shipping label
  • Dispatch confirmation


Please take care of this, that in the column "Package number" within an order you have to specify in how many packages you want to ship the ordered items. If two articles are sent in one package, you must enter the same package number in the package number column of the order (e.g. "1") If you want to send articles in several packages within one order, then a different package number must be entered in the column "package number" (e.g. "1" and "2").

If you are able to send the goods, set a tick in the respective line in the columns "Shipping selection", "Accepted" and "Sent". You can then print the delivery papers and the shipping label using the print symbol in the upper right corner. These documents are automatically downloaded as PDF files. It is possible to reprint the delivery papers and the shipping label at any time. The shipping date is set automatically.

If the goods cannot be shipped due to stock difference, reservation or damage, then set a tick in the column "Rejected" and enter a reason in the column "Reason for rejection".


Your selection must always be saved using the diskette in the upper right corner.


You can also search directly for certain criteria using the text fields below the column headings. You can enter criteria like order number or the name of the customer.