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Help to the Button-Factory page

What are the different buttons?

  • QR-Code: Suitable for use in print media. The QR code graphic can be copied to the clipboard via the right mouse button and then reused.
  • HTML link: Suitable for use on the web, such as a web page or blog. The HTML link is available as a configurable HTML code snippet.
  • Mail link (newsletter): Suitable for use in HTML newsletters. The mail link is marked in the result line and copied to the clipboard, for further use, with the right mouse button.

How can I create a new button (or QR code)?

First, please configure the appearance of your buy button (only for HTML link and mail link).

Enter the item you are looking for (author, title or ISNB) in the search field, under "Please add new buy buttons to the session here". Select the desired article from the drop-down list. After confirming the article, a new row will be added to the result table ("Link Session") with the different buy buttons below.

What are the configuration options?

HTML-Links and Mail-Links you have the possibility to customize the appearance of the links. The set values are always valid for one link session (all links in the displayed result table). - Select whether the preview graphic is displayed in the link. - Select whether the HTML link should be generated with Javascript "openWindow". If you are unsure, leave the default value, "HTML link with Java" enabled. - Assign an individual link text, default value: "Buy directly here".

How to copy a buy button or QR code?

  • QR code: Right-click on the QR code graphic. Select "Copy graphic" to copy the graphic for further use, to the clipboard.
  • HTML link: Click in the text box and copy the HTML code to the clipboard using Ctrl+a and Ctrl+c. Now you can paste the copied link with Ctrl+v at desired place, e.g. on your homepage.
  • Email link: Select the link you want to copy with your computer mouse and copy the link to the clipboard with Ctrl+c. Now you can paste the selected copied link with Ctrl+v at the desired place, e.g. in a newsletter. Please scale the mail link with image, the image in the email to the desired size.


Please contact us if you have any further questions, we will be happy to help you.

Hotline: + 49 89 41 61 59 55-7

How can I create a new buy-button (QR-Code)?

Creating a new buy button or QR code is very easy. Click on "Add new MultiButton", fill in the fields in the "Basic data", "Attributes" and "List lines" tabs. When finished, just press save and the code is generated.

The fields in the "Basic data" tabs

  • Branch: select the branch for which the list is to be generated. It will be stored as a partner in the generated QR codes.
  • List name: This name will appear next to your logo on the .pdf recommendation list (e.g. "Der Krimi-Frühling bei Buch Ridler").
  • Publish in app: You can publish the list in the app under the "Toplists". This will then be visible to customers in your zip code area. Please enter a publication period in the fields "Publish by: ..." and "Published until: ...".
  • Dev. email: The list will be sent to your default eMail address. If you want to have this list sent to another eMail address, enter the address here.
  • Logo: If you want to have a different logo than your default logo for this list, enter it here. A link to a http:// page will be requested.

The fields in the "Lines" tab.

Add new book:

  1. Select the blue "+" sign (Add a new line).

  2. In the "Search term" field, enter either an ISBN or the title or author.

Wait for the system to make suggestions. 4.

  1. Select the appropriate title

  2. Press the green check mark. This will save the entry. The new entry will appear at the bottom of the list. It is still displayed without QR code and image. Both will only become visible once you have saved the entire list. A valid list line has an orange image (Edit line) and a red image (Delete selected line) to the right of the product number (ISBN).

  3. Save the list. Now the QR code and image will be visible.

Why is the QR code and image not displayed after I have added a line?

The QR code and image of a line will be displayed only after the list (and not only the line) has been saved.