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Request a new return

Here you will find all orders that have already been executed and delivered by you. If a return from a customer has not been registered, the acceptance has been refused or the shipment could not be delivered, then the return application must be created by you. To do this, select the article with the corresponding order number that has been returned and enter the return quantity, the reason for return and in which package the article was in in the fields. If there were several articles in the package, please enter the same "package number" for the articles. If several items are returned in one package, but different numbers are given for the package number, you will be charged for several return packages. Please indicate the actual number of packages. You must then save the created return and then approve or reject it via "Open returns".


You can also search for orders/returns directly using the text fields below the column headings. You can enter criteria like order number or the name of the customer.